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Goldust: The Ultimate Facial in Bali

The longer I live here, the more I realize the things that are so unique about Bali. For example, the way they do SPAS! The majority of the spas here are incredibly affordable compared to what I am used to in NYC, but yet they still maintain such great quality and service for each + every experience. Before moving here...

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Life Update: Bali Hotels, Bali Fashion, Mount Agung + more!

So apparently my weekly update for you guys actually turned into a monthly one this time... whoops!! Sorry about that! Who knew month #2 ((can you believe we’ve actually been away from home for 2 months already!?)) would get so incredibly hectic!! Since my last...

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What I Packed to Move from NYC to Bali

As soon as Zach and I decided to move to Bali, the immediate question I started to ask myself was, "What in the world am I going to pack!?" I already get anxious about packing for a week long trip... much less moving across the world for a year! Not to mention, we had already...

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