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Life Update: Photoshoots, Kuala Lumpur, The Gili Islands + more!

We hit our 1 month mark a couple days ago, and I honestly can't believe we've been in Bali this long already! On one hand it feels like we just got here, and on the other it feels like we've been away from our friends + family for an eternity... I think it's safe to say that I finally feel like we actually live here now, rather than still fighting that feeling like we are on vacation, and any day now we will pack up our bags and fly back home...

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Dear Diary #2: Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Ubud Getaway, Birthday festivities + more!

3 weeks of living in Bali, and we are falling more in love with this place each day! This past week was full of so many memorable moments as we celebrated my birthday week!! My actual birthday was this past Friday the 27th, but Zach and I are big fans of celebrating birthday WEEK, because...

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Mixing Patterns

Happy (almost) June, everyone!! June makes me so excited because SUMMER... and summer in NYC is my absolute favorite! Outdoor brunches, rooftop happy hours, central park picnics, Rockaway beach days, and fun summer prints + patterns-- what's not to love?! One thing you...

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