Welcome to The League Collective!


Hi! We're Zach and Tara Brose, creators and curators of The League Collective. We were born and raised in the United States (Zach in Wisconsin and Tara in South Carolina- but we met and fell in love in New York City). Shortly after getting married in 2014, Zach launched his own graphic design company called League Design. The term "league" was once used as an ancient nautical unit referring to the furthest distance on the horizon one could see with the naked eye. Thus, a ship traveling one league had gone the entire breadth of what was previously visible. A sailor couldn't see what the next league held until he had traveled the one previous. We loved that concept as a metaphor for life and creativity, and so "League" was born. 

Tara modeled in NYC for nine years, and in 2015 she launched her own fashion blog, Tara Michelle Brose, to share her style and passion for adventure; and in 2016 we started @LeagueTravels as a simple Instagram account to share our travel experiences and tips. As our passion for travel grew, so did the dream of bringing our passions for travel, fashion and design together into a singular Lifestyle brand- and in 2017 we said goodbye to our beloved NYC, moved to Bali, and officially launched The League Collective: a lifestyle destination for all things travel, fashion and design.

Simply put, life in style for the modern adventurer.

Currently based between Bali and NYC, we travel the world and create compelling content for luxury travel brands, fashion labels and design clients large and small. We organize and execute on-location fashion shoots, shoot photo and video content for hotels and resorts, and maintain a diverse client base for content creation and graphics design through the League Design Creative Studio. Our offerings are versatile and unique, and two days are rarely the same- which is just how we like it!

Our desire is that everything we put our hands to would inspire people to dream bigger, travel farther, and imagine the possibilities that could lie within their very next league. We've always dreamed that the League Collective of brands would stretch far beyond just two people, and we are so excited to welcome you along on the journey. Adventures away! 

-Zach + Tara