Goldust: The Ultimate Facial in Bali

The longer I live here, the more I realize the things that are so unique about Bali. For example, the way they do SPAS! The majority of the spas here are incredibly affordable compared to what I am used to in NYC, but yet they still maintain such great quality and service for each + every experience. Before moving here, I saw Goldust Bali on Instagram and thought how cool it would be to be able to experience one of their signature gold facials. What could be more luxurious than having gold rubbed on your face?! I finally had my first experience here and I could not wait to share it with you guys! I know that so many of you either have plans to come to Bali sometime soon, or hope to visit in the future, so here is one more experience to add to you list whenever you come! 

First of all, Goldust is located in Canggu which is my favorite neighborhood in all of Bali. It reminds me so much of where we lived in New York-- in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is such a cool area with so many amazing cafes, shops, and is full of creatives, surfers, and good vibes. Goldust is actually located on Batu Bolong, which is what I consider to be the "Bedford Avenue" of Canggu ((for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, it is basically the ideal spot to be))! When you walk inside the salon, you'll notice that it is actually attached to a boutique as well with some of the cutest resort wear pieces on the island! I got an incredible open back dress here that I am so in love with... so make sure you plan to do a little shopping to get the full experience at Goldust! When they are ready for your treatment, you go upstairs to bright white and yellow decor-- which perfectly suits the GOLD experience you will be having!

The facial itself was my favorite facial I have had in Bali so far! It was their 24k GOLD facial, their signature treatment, and it really made such a big difference in my skin. I got my facial right after our trip to Vietnam, when my skin was in need of some major TLC after many long flights, little sleep, and being exposed to tons of pollution. The gold used for the facial slows collagen depletion, stimulates circulation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The facial is complete with steam, extractions, and even a massage! I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated! I actually loved my treatment so much that I made Zach come back with me so that we could experience the spa together. The second time, around we had the stress buster massage as well as the gold collagen eye treatment. Both were amazing and I'm pretty sure Zach is hooked too... which means these thankfully won't be my only experiences at Goldust!! :) 

I love sharing my favorites with you guys, and I love hearing yours as well!! What/where was your favorite spa experience?! I need to add them to my ((never ending)) list!! 

Xo- Tara