Mulberry + Grand

I've always loved the way that adding accessories to a look can really make an outfit complete. I guess you could say that my accessory obsession began in high school, because at one point I was actually making necklaces and earrings from home and selling them at school to my girlfriends... lol. Such a hustler. Thank God I don't have to do that anymore, because my selection was not very impressive whatsoever. Also, I have since been introduced to a really incredible brand that I would love to share with you guys if you are not already familiar, and that is Mulberry + Grand! M+G is based in NYC and carries such a wide variety of accessories for all styles and personalities. I am in love!! I had so much fun picking out some of my favorite pieces from their new Spring 2018 collection to style these 3 looks with below ((all of which are also from M+G!)). It was actually so hard for me to choose just a few pieces because there is such a wide variety on their website, but here are my top favorites! 

For the picnic plaid jumpsuit, I chose a long dainty gold necklace that has since become my favorite necklace that I own. It is subtle yet sexy, and really works so well with any deep-v look. I paired it with a beaded bracelet ((that could actually be worn as a necklace too-- I just wrapped it around my wrist several times to create a stacked look)), and these gold + white earrings. 

For the baby blue wrap dress, I wore beaded drop earrings and a simple gold bangle. I basically add a gold bangle to any look that I wear, so I was so happy to find one that is the perfect size on M+G! I carried one of their cute beach totes as well, and eventually incorporated some white sunnies to top off the look! I later switched to a pair of open hoop earrings in blue, and really loved how well they paired with the wrap dress as well. 

For the last look which was the fun tropical jumpsuit, I wore a few different options as well. First, I wore some simple silver open hoops that are perfect for any occasion! They would basically go well with anything, and I am so happy to be able to wear these time and time again. Later I put on more of a statement pair of earrings-- white woven hoops that I am so in love with! These earrings are so great for spring, and I feel like they are perfect to wear for your next tropical getaway ((or even if you just want to feel like you're on a tropical vaca, haha!))! I pulled my hair back for this look to give even more attention to the earrings because they are just too good to hide... :) 

Which is your favorite look?! I would love to know what you guys think in the comments below! I will also share with you guys the Mulberry + Grand website so you can see these pieces for  yourself!

Xo- Tara

PS-- One of my favorite parts about M+G is that their prices are super affordable, just as fashion jewelry should be! ENJOY!!

Shop Mulberry and Grand here!! 

Photos by Zach Brose