India's Best Airline

When you travel for a living, you learn quickly which airlines to book with and which to avoid. It can get a little bit tricky though when you're visiting a new part of the world and are unfamiliar with the most reliable and reputable local airlines- so when we booked with Jet Airways a few weeks ago for our trip to India, we were eager to see what the experience would be like. 

From the outset, were impressed that Jet flew through every destination we had in our pre-arranged itinerary to, from, and within India. Our India lag was 10 days smack in the middle of a 3 week content creation trip, so we were coming from Singapore and heading to Bangkok after India. We wanted to see Delhi and Jaipur and a few other drive-able areas in northern India, and we were so glad to be able to book all of our multiple routes and stops through Jet Airways! We flew from Singapore to New Delhi, New Delhi to Jaipur a few days later, back to Delhi and from Delhi to Bangkok. We use Singapore as a stopover all the time, and Jet Airways has daily flights from Singapore to Bombay, Bengaluru and Delhi- which pretty well covers your bases for the different areas of India with easy onward connectivity within the country.

Jet Airways won Tripadvisor's "Traveler's Choice" award for best airline in India, which is well worth its weight in our opinion coming from the word's largest travel site. We flew Première class on the international flights and economy for the domestic flights within India, and we were impressed with every class of service. The flight attendants were professional and warm, and even our short flights between Delhi and Jaipur served a boxed lunch with a meat and a veg option. That's a far cry from what most domestic flights in the US offer. The food in business class on our international flights was incredible, and Jet Airways' "Dine Anytime" feature in Première and First class made it so convenient to work, relax and eat at our own leisure. Who doesn't want to dine at their convenience mid-flight?! 

On the Première class lags, we were greeted with a cold towel right when we sat down, a choice of fresh juices, roasted nuts and a glass of champagne before we'd even taken off. The menus are destination-inspired, which meant amazing Indian meal options when flying into Delhi and Indian or Thai options when flying to Bangkok. The meals were excellent, beautifully presented and overall extremely impressive. Add in a free flow of champagne, and it made for a wonderfully pleasant international flight and the perfect breather between jobs and adventures!

India can be as challenging to navigate as it is beautiful- so our experience with Jet was a breath of fresh air and we'd happily Fly with Jet Airways again anywhere they have a route (which seems to be pretty well all over the planet!) You can even book seamless travel from North America to India via codeshare airlines Delta, KLM and AirFrance, and you can continue to earn skymiles flying with Jet- which is perfect for all of you Delta-flying Americans (or otherwise!)

We know there's a million options out there for air travel- but in our opinion, Jet Airways is the only way to go when you're headed to India. We haven't yet had a chance to check out their international flights outside of India, but we'l definitely hop on it at the first chance we get! 

**This post was sponsored by Jet Airways, but our opinions, as always, are our own