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Millenial Pink

"Millenial Pink" is hilarious, but also very real.... because somehow I am oddly obsessed with this color even though I've never been a huge fan of pink before now! ;) But seriously, what's not to love about this color?! It's feminine but...

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Romper Ready

Last month Zach and I were back in LA for work. If there's one thing I love most about LA, it would be the gorgeous + consistent weather!! ((Can NYC make up it's mind already about which season it actually is?!)) It was the perfect weather to...

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Dusters-- The Perfect Layer for Spring

Spring in NYC basically means you never know what to expect as far as weather goes. Is it gorgeous out now but later on you will end up freezing to death?! Do you need to break out your winter coat again, or are you going to be...

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