Millenial Pink

"Millenial Pink" is hilarious, but also very real.... because somehow I am oddly obsessed with this color even though I've never been a huge fan of pink before now! ;) But seriously, what's not to love about it?! It's feminine but still cool with just enough edge. You can imagine my excitement when I came across these dream silk pants from Lucy Paris! They are perfect-- and currently on major sale! The wide leg, the rose gold D-ring belt, and the high waist all work together to make these pants amazing. When paired together with this floral crop top, it felt like the perfect summer look. ((And yes, I said summer because today was 90 degrees so hellooo warm weather!)) I will probably have this outfit on repeat for the next several months, so I hope you guys don't get tired of it!! :) Of course the day Zach and I decided to shoot this look was the windiest day ever and there was no point in curling my hair before the shoot because it literally never stopped blowing, haha! To accessorize the look, I wore my rose gold TIMEX watch, my Forever21 round sunglasses, and my fav bucket bag of all time from Hieleven

I hope everyone had a great week! Zach and I both took the morning off today and are spending this beautiful Friday at Coney Island! Follow along on our Instagram: @LeagueTravels!

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose