Dusters-- The Perfect Layer for Spring

Spring in NYC basically means you never know what to expect as far as weather goes. Is it gorgeous out now but later on you will end up freezing to death?! Do you need to break out your winter coat again, or are you going to be so hot you should've taken advantage of the sunshine and worn as little clothing as possible?! I've lived in NYC long enough to know that Spring requires layers just like fall. However, Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of lighter layers and lighter colors too! Dusters are a great way to add this fun layer to your wardrobe this season-- and TopShop currently has so many to choose from! They can brighten up your look as well as these cloudy days that are still lingering over us in May... ((PS-- Did anyone else get caught in that torrential downpour yesterday?! I was completely soaked haha!!)) I've tagged several of my favorite dusters for your guys below, so shop away!! :) 

Oh, and Happy Weekend!!! 

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose