Our Kind of Love

Today makes 3 years married to my best friend, biggest encourager, adventure buddy, and partner in crime. I thank God every day that He chose me of all people to get to spend the rest of my forever with Zach. I may be slightly biased, but I honestly think he is the very best... :) I know for sure that he is MY best, and the perfect man for me. Knowing I found true love is something I do not take for granted! Our kind of love is the kind that I never knew could actually exist. I thought I had truly loved before I knew him, but I was quickly proven wrong. And I had loved before, but definitely not like this. Our love came easy. It never had to strive to work out or be forced. Effortless love is the best kind of love, and that is what I have with Zach. Not because we don't have to work at our relationship every single day, because that is obviously inevitable and would be super unhealthy if we didn't. But when I say 'effortless,' I mean that it was and is a love that just clicked. They say, "you'll know when you know," and I was never sure that was true... but it totally is.  I am sharing all of this with you guys because I want you to know that you do not ever have to settle for less than you deserve! True love really does exist, and if it is something you desire then I pray that you are quick to notice a counterfeit. Sometimes love happens in the most unpredictable ways, when you least expect it, or even to those who think they don't want it in the first place. I went through plenty enough relationships before I met Zach to know that dating in general can be so frustrating and overwhelming, and even impossible. It can seem like there is no hope, no good guys out there, or maybe you have felt like you aren't good enough for anyone. However, there IS hope. There ARE good guys out there. And you are DEFINITELY good enough-- way better than you think you are!

So here's to another year married... with lots to learn and tons of adventure waiting for us right around the corner! 

Xo- Tara

PS-- If you ever have a question for me about my relationship with Zach, I am more than happy to talk about it! I don't think that enough people are willing to share their story with others who might need to hear it... Feel free to leave a comment below or email me if it's more personal! :) 

Photos by Jared Whitney