Our First Home

It was a long time coming to finally shoot with the amazing Laura Huertas, and man I am so thankful that we did. Those last few months up until our move were so incredibly hectic. We were rarely in town, or had family in town, or were spending as much time with our friends as humanly possible, not to mention packing up our lives and selling our things! We spent our last free Saturday morning shooting in our apartment with Laura, and it couldn't have turned out any better!

Our first home together was in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Bedford Avenue. It was our ideal location, ideal size, and met every major "requirement'" we had before moving in. No, it definitely wasn't perfect, but to be honest, it was pretty close in my opinion. Our biggest request when looking for an apartment was having room for a large dining room table so we could host family dinners aka have our friends over a LOT. In NYC, that's almost a funny request because it's nearly impossible to find that kind of space for a reasonable price. After many ((MANY)) months of searching ((and also many other apartments that fell through at the last minute)), we found the one. Thank God all the others we thought were it didn't work out after all... funny how things work out sometimes. We moved our things in right before the wedding and spent our first night there together after coming home from our honeymoon. We lived there nearly 3.5 years, and loved it every single day.  

To be honest, I feel such a rush of emotions when I look at these photos... Laura managed to perfectly capture our little Brooklyn home. It was such a hard apartment to let go of, but I'm so glad that we did. It wouldn't have felt like complete surrender if we would have tried to sublease it for a full year for this next adventure that we are on. Besides, how can you say you trust God fully in one thing when you still have your hands tied with the old, or what's comfortable? Sometimes you have to fully let go of things you love to make room for the new and unexpected to happen, things that you could possibly love even more. Our plan as of now is to still move back to NYC after this year of traveling, and when we do, I have no doubt that we will find the perfect apartment for us at that moment. It may look completely different to this one, and it probably will. But that's okay with me. I'm so thankful for the memories we made in our first home, and I will cherish these photos for forever! Thank you so much, Laura

I hope you guys like them! Let me know what you think in the comments below...!

Xo- Tara

*photos by Laura Huertas*