League Travels April 2018 Update x Gansevoort Hotel

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Spring has finally arrived in New York, and oh how glorious it is! The trees are blossoming in Central Park, the restaurant patios are opening, the Wölffer Rosé is flowing and New Yorkers are coming out of hibernation. Nothing tops springtime in New York, and the city really shows off its vibrant colors after a long monochromatic winter. Don't let the head-to-toe black garb fool you- the locals love this time of year as much as the tourists flooding Times Square. From January to late March, you'll be hard-pressed to find us leaving our neighborhood in Brooklyn without good reason, but come late April we're like kids in a candy shop as we explore Manhattan in search of the best rooftops, parks and New York City finds. We'll share some of our favorite spring spots over the next few weeks, but for now- it's League Travels Tuesday!! 

We're back with week TWO of our new weekly updates, and have lots to share with you! 


We're fresh off some really fun stuff that we've started sharing this week! We've been having so much fun editing photos from our trip to the west coast (though admittedly, we are neck deep in raw photos that need editing)! Tara posted a blog a few days ago featuring her wedding dress, which we shot in California's Imperial Sand Dune National Park. The photos turned out so epic, and you can see them now on TaraMichelleBrose.com!

A few weeks ago, we got the incredible opportunity to work with Gansevoort Hotels here in NYC. The Gansevoort brand has two properties in New York and two in the Caribbean, and the NY Meatpacking District property is one of our favorite places for a rooftop drink in the summer. Needless to say, we were so excited to work with them! We got to shoot with the ever-talented photographer Daniela Spector, and the images turned out so fun. We actually loved working with the entire team, and felt so comfortable from the moment we arrived. The shoot was in The Gansevoort Park's duplex penthouse- which basically set the bar for hotels room for the rest of our lives. Throw in a few bottles of Veuve, copious amounts of room service, dozens of rubber duckies, chocolate covered strawberries and the coziest robes you've ever felt, and we were in heaven! Check out some of our favorite photos from the shoot below! *photos by Daniela Spector


As our old pal St. Augustine once said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page". And, well, we have to agree! There is so much to see, and so many people to meet. There's something about stepping into a different culture that helps you understand yourself more and also helps you see humanity in a more beautiful light. It's to equate "different" to "bad" when your world is small- but when your world is big, different is a thing to celebrate and embrace!! Pad Thai tastes so much better in Thailand, Gelato is so much sweeter in Rome, and the ocean is so much bluer in the Caribbean. Don't live through someone else's eyes though- go see it for yourself! Where would you go if money was no option? Start planning it!! With a little research we're sure you can find a way to do it cheaper, cooler, and so much easier than you'd expect. Anyways, in case you need a little inspiration, here are some of the deals we're watching this week!

  • ROYAL CARIBBEAN // Ok, who is a fan of cruises? If you're looking for a non-intimidating way to see incredible places, eat delicious food, and forgo all the extra work of planning, check out Royal Caribbean's "Royal Refund" sale! They're offering up to $300 dollars back to spend at sea, and every 3rd night free right now. Uh... yes please!! Check it out Here!
  • ATHENS & SANTORINI // Guys. Travelzoo's Top 20 list this week included an insane deal from Great Value Vacations- 6 nights with flights and high speed ferry in Athens and Santorini from $1,199!! It expires April 21st, so JUMP ON IT! Check it out Here!
  • EMIRATES AIRLINES // Our favorite airline strikes again! Emirates has a sale on RT flights to Milan, Italy for just $499!! The sale ends on April 20, so no time to waste. Imagine sipping wine at an italian cafe, climbing the Duomo, partying with the Italians along the historic Navigli canals, shopping to your heart's content... or, like we did last October- use Milan as the base for an Italian adventure! The trains are incredible and fast, which means an easy trip to Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Tuscany... you name it! Plus, Emirates economy feels like first class compared to most US airlines!! The deal is for travel between April 25-May 25.. perfect for a last minute italian getaway! Book Here!
  • JETBLUE // Tax season got you down? JetBlue is trying to help with their #JetBlueTaxReturnFlight sale. If you owed money on your taxes, you can enter to win a free 1-way flight at jetblluetaxreturnflight.com!
  • AIR CHINA // China may not be your typical destination, but Air China has some great deals from NYC right now to several Chinese cities! We've never flown Air China, so can't attest to their quality, but to fly RT from NYC to GuangZhou in southern China for just $559, it's worth trying! It's close to southeast Asia, so try using this flight as a cheap way to get to that part of the world, and book budget carriers to the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc! Check it out here!

Ok, that's our update for today! Does anyone have any other incredible deals they've recently seen? We'd love it if you shared them with us!!

Here's to the adventure...

Zach + Tara