League Travels Tuesday #1


Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday from New York City, where the weather today was absolutely beautiful! (Bring on the rosé and rooftops!) We've had a busy, exciting year so far, and we're excited to be 'officially' launching LEAGUE TRAVEL TUESDAYS- a blog we'll post every Tuesday as a way to recap our current adventures, spotlight travel deals, share our upcoming plans and more. Time flies by so fast, and there's so much we want to share along the way that gets lost in the hustle. We truly believe that everyone can travel- and more than that, everyone should travel. It doesn't matter if you travel 3 miles away or 3 million miles away... it changes the lens through which you see the world! Traveling changes the way you empathize with people different from yourself, and it gives you a profound respect for the vastness of our planet. That's a huge reason we are so passionate about inspiring and enabling others to travel, and a huge part of the reason we want to share more of our adventures. Plus, we just think the world is really big, and really incredible, and we want everyone to explore it as much as us! and  So, without further introduction: League Travels Tuesday #1!



2017 has been a busy year for us. Rather than rush along and forget the details, we'll use the FRESH OFF section on Tuesdays to share the adventures we're fresh off the trail from. Over the last few months we've gotten to work with some amazing hotel brands like Renaissance, Marriott, Gansevoort, Margaritaville Resorts and Sunset Key Cottages. Since January we've gotten to produce content in St. Thomas, St. Croix, Miami, Key West, and New York. Then, last week, we traveled to Los Angeles, San Diego, and we road-tripped across California and into Arizona, and just returned home yesterday. (Can't wait to share some more of the stuff we shot later this week!)

In Los Angeles, we stayed at the ever wonderful Ace Hotel DTLA, which we love for many reasons. The rooftop pool and bar are perfect, and we could easily hang out in LA Chapter, the ground-level restaurant and patio, all day long. From LA we rented a convertible and drove down to San Diego, where we got to work with some amazing Marriott Properties, explore, surf, see old friends and eat our weight in tacos. Our last night was spent having a beach bonfire on Mission Beach and catching up with old (and new) friends- the perfect way to finish our time in San Diego! We then drove east through southern California, stopped at Imperial Sand Dunes National Park and Sonoran Desert National monument before arriving in Phoenix. One night with the grandparents, and then we zipped back to NYC on a redeye Sunday night!

Needless to say, we're glad to be home in NYC and catching up on some sleep this week. The weather is finally warming up, and we're pumped for spring in the Big Apple!



Ok... we (well, Zach) may be borderline obsessed with searching for travel deals. (ahem.... Tara also forwards daily all of the email travel deals she subscribes to). And while we don't jump on every deal we find, someone should! So, we'll share some of our favorite finds each week in the WHAT'S HOT section. 

  • EMIRATES - Our favorite airline (who had some savagely hilarious comments on Twitter about the United Airlines violent removal of a passenger this week) has a flight + hotel deal from NYC to both Milan and Athens. Both options are right around $1000 for flights AND 7 nights accommodation with daily breakfast- which is insane. No details on how long the sale lasts, so jump on that! Also, a not-so-small accomplishment of being named Trip Advisor's best airline in the world for 2017. So there's that. Check it out here!
  • DELTA - This US airline has some great sales to Europe, including NYC to Moscow for less than $800. Ok, we realize that Russia isn't exactly at the top of most people's vacation list, but consider it for the closer (and cheaper!) proximity to the European destination you've been wanting to visit! Check it out here!
  • WOW Air - The super-budget ala carte style airline keeps out-doing themselves. Don't expect a lot to be added on, and plan to pay for most everything beyond the seat itself, but with flights from NYC to 14+ European Cities for $189 each way (as well as loads of deals from other US cities.... like LA/SF to Iceland for $129.. WHAT?!) you can afford to check a bag or buy some food. Check out WOW here!
  • NORWEGIAN AIR - Another heavy-hitter in European low cost airlines, Norwegian consistently offers ridiculously affordable flights. Like Denver or Seattle to London for $199 Each way! Check it out here!
  • UNITED AIRLINES - Just kidding. Don't fly United Airlines... #toosoon
  • SINGAPORE AIRLINES - Singapore Airlines is right up there with Emirates for us. Everything about the airline is wonderful, and they've got some great deals to Asia (like China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and more) for $699 RT. This is a great deal on a world-class airline! Check it out here! 


Ok.... That's this week's League Travels Tuesday! We'll keep adding more, and we'll continue to aim to inspire you to see the world in new, fresh, wonderfully adventurous ways!


Here's to the adventure...

Zach + Tara