Alaya Resort Jembawan

We’ve all dreamed of one day experiencing a wellness retreat— a place to recharge and refocus your mind, body, and spirit. However, if you're anything like us when it comes down to it, you come up with at least 100 different reasons why you aren’t quite ready for something so intense. 

  • Will the food be gross or bland?
  • Will people judge me for not being healthy enough? 
  • Will the experience be uber spiritual and strange?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then you should seriously consider booking a stay with Alaya Resort Jembawan! It is the perfect wellness resort for someone who doesn't want to feel intimidated by all the health gurus out there. It is a great introduction to a wellness retreat, and makes anyone and everyone feel welcomed to join in! We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite parts of Alaya Jembawan and reasons we think this is a perfect hotel option for your next trip to Ubud!


Alaya Jembawan is centrally located in the village of Ubud, but a little further away from the hectic tourist spots. Though it's just a few hundred feet off a main road, it's set in the middle of a beautiful urban jungle, and feels rejuvenating just to walk around and take in the gorgeous scenery surrounding you! If you have any health concerns or are even just curious about your well-being, you can meet with the onsite Ayurvedic doctor and have a consultation from an expert. Just knowing that you are being looked after and taken care of in more ways than one puts your mind at ease and helps to really relax and recharge. 


There are countless experiences that are offered at Alaya Jembawan, starting with the most epic location to join a morning yoga class. Every morning yoga is offered in a gorgeous pavilion overlooking the jungle, and every evening meditation is offered in the same setting. You aren’t forced to join either experience, but they are so nice to be a part of in such a tranquil location like Ubud. There is no better way to recharge and rejuvenate. One very unique experience that Alaya offers is a mandala class. Learning about the meaning behind these beautiful floral decorations is something that is so unique to the balinese people. Their passion and creativity is like no other! They also offer an amazing cooking class with the chef from Herb Library. You can get a taste (literally) of traditional balinese foods and spices, and we couldn't recommend the cooking class any more highly! Our final night at Alaya, we got to experience a traditional Pekenan dinner. Amazing Balinese food and dance, as well as the chance to learn to play balinese instruments and craft balinese hindu offerings. 


You would expect the food at a wellness resort to be super healthy, but not necessarily be the tastiest or have many options. However, at Alaya Jembawan it is not only super healthy, but also incredibly delicious with tons of variety! The restaurant attached to the resort is called Herb Library, and everything is locally sourced, fresh, and delicious. It offers raw food, plant-based meals for herbivores, but also sustainably sourced fish and chicken for omnivores The list of juices and smoothies goes on and on, and the menu is full of unique dishes packed with tons of flavor. Herb Library makes healthy eating so easy, and the interior of the restaurant as well as the presentation with each dish makes mealtime even more special and fun! The resort allows you to dine wherever you please— at the restaurant, by the pool, or even in your room with a service they like to call “take me to your room.” Their goal is to really make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease no matter what that looks like for each individual. 

Whether you’ve always loved the idea of trying out a wellness retreat or even if this type of experience has never even crossed your mind, Alaya Resort Jembawan is the perfect place to give it a shot! Be kind to your body, and notice how great you will feel in return! 



You can book your stay at Alaya Resort Jembawan by clicking HERE!