A Day in Cannes with JW Marriott

Hey guys! 

If you've been following along on Instagram, you now that we just finished up a beautiful 12 days across the French Riviera! From Paris we traveled to St. Tropez, and from St. Tropez we went east to the city of Cannes. Famously known for they annual film festival, Cannes is a bustling city on France's southern coast and a must-see for any Côte d'Azur itinerary. Since St. Tropez has no train station, we rented a car and drove along the ocean to get to Cannes- a journey that should take you about an hour and a half. We, however chose to take the coastal scenic route and subsequently (but without regrets) took about three hours to get there!

Cannes is quite a bit bigger than St. Tropez and offers an impressive array of tastes and styles, from high-end luxury shopping districts and posh beachfront hotels to a charming old town district full of sidewalk cafes and smiley locals. Unlike some of the smaller towns along the coast, Cannes' size means that walking from one end of the city to the other will take some substantial time. That's the best way to do it though, and each area you pass through is unique and different. We loved the city for this- one moment you were browsing the stunning racks of clothes fit for fashion week runways, and the next you were climbing an ancient hill to admire the view of the city below, and both activities work so harmoniously together that you hardly feel the transition from one to the next! 

We stayed at the beachfront JW Marriott Hotel Cannes and this amazing property was our base for our adventures around Cannes. JW Marriott's location is perfect for anyone wanting an ocean view, close proximity to the iconic beaches of Cannes and easy access to the luxury shops filling the surrounding areas! Something unique about the JW Marriott is their direct beach views, unobstructed by the palm trees lining most of the main road- and our balcony was the perfect place to take in the view, feel the salty Mediterranean breeze and contemplate how beautiful and rare a place like Cannes really is. From the moment you walk into the grand atrium-style lobby you feel the splendor and prestige of the names that come to Cannes each year for the festival. They have an outdoor restaurant, a massive rooftop, and the location can't be beat.

Check out "A Day in Cannes with JW Marriott" below, and you can book your own stay at the JW Marriott bay clicking here!

A Day in Cannes with JW Marriott

6:30 AM

Coffee + Sunrise from the rooftop FTW

8:00 AM

Breakfast is always better on a beautiful patio with sea views! The breakfast buffet at JW Marriott is the perfect way to fuel up before a long day of adventures!

10:00 AM

Beach time! While Cannes has amazing beaches right in the city, we wanted to explore the smaller towns surrounding the area, and the drive (or the train) are quick and easy with stunning views at every turn. 

1:00 PM

We were starving after a full morning of beach-hopping and sun-soaking, so a picnic on our balcony was in order. 

3:00 PM

Shop till you drop! Cannes is not only an amazing beach destination, but also has an impressive array of shopping to offer from high-end designers and local boutiques alike- and all in the middle of these charming, picturesque streets!

5:00 PM

We wrapped up an afternoon of shopping and made our way over to the old town to wander the ancient streets and watch the sun set. The winding cobblestone streets offer endless dining options in the coolest sidewalk cafes and restaurants, and the place comes alive with dining and drinking when the sun starts to set!

9:00 PM

Back at the JW Marriott and a nice glass of wine on our balcony to reflect on the day and plan tomorrow's adventures! 


Thanks for joining us for "A Day in Cannes with JW Marriott"!

You can book your stay at the JW Marriott by clicking here. 

Adventures away!

Zach and Tara