A Weekend Escape to Chapung Sebali

There is a never-ending list of amazing resorts to stay at in Ubud; Bali’s iconic jungle paradise. Therefore when you find yourself wanting to return to the same resort, you know you must really love it! We started 2018 at Chapung Sebali last year when Zach’s brother and his wife were visiting us in Bali, and I ended the year there as well with our friends Sam + Ryan from Our Travel Passport! Zach was away for the weekend in Jakarta, but I couldn’t wait to introduce our friends to one of our favorite resorts in Ubud. If you haven’t read our post highlighting all our favorite details about the resort, make sure to check it out here! :)

Coming back to Chapung Sebali felt a bit like coming home because I know my way around, I am familiar with the beautiful modern meets Balinese decor, and I know just how good + fresh the food is. Most importantly, I know where to find the gorgeous Jungle Fish pool, and I’ve learned that shooting this pool at sunrise is just about as magical as it gets! I also remembered just how dreamy the spa is, so Sam and I made sure to have a girl’s spa day while we were there after spending some time at the gym. The gym just so happens to be one of my favorite parts about the resort! It is pretty simple and beautiful— plus fact that it is located right in the middle of the the jungle with the most epic views! There is even a rowing machine (which you guys know by now that I am pretty obsessed with!) that is right over the water! It is definitely one of those “you have to see it to believe it” kind of spots. All in all, we love this hotel and are always happy to spend time soaking up all of its relaxing jungle-goodness!

If you are looking for the perfect jungle getaway while you’re on your next trip to Bali, make sure to give this place a look!! I guarantee you won’t regret it!!

Xo- Tara