I am all about a good pair of sneakers... I've been this way for as long as I can remember! My mom always reminds me that when I was little, my favorite pair of shoes were my hand-me-down black high top sneakers, haha. ((They were actually boy sneakers, but I loved them and wanted to wear them all the time!)) Too bad I don't still have them in my size bc I would totally try and rock them now! ;) 

But let's be honest, sneakers are life. The athlesiure trend that clearly is not going away any time soon makes me so happy because who doesn't want to wear sneakers with a dress/skirt when they want to look cute but not too fancy?! I know I do! ((These sneakers in particular are from Shoe-Inn, a site I've recently discovered that carries tons and tons of amazing shoes!!)) I had so much fun mixing dressy + casual pieces to create this look-- the skirt and accessories on the dressier side, and the tee and sneakers on the casual side. This jewelry is also a new find and both the earrings and the bracelet are pieces I know I'll keep for a long time! I love these kinds of 'ear jacket' earrings. They are so much fun to wear! Both the earrings and bangle from Adore are great for a day or a night look, and pairing them with this look was such a fun way to wear them. A little bit of sass mixed with some grunge... just how I like it!

I hope you guys like this look! Do you tend to lean towards dressing up or more casual?! I'd love to know your go-to style in the comments below! :)

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose