Open Back in Vieques

Have any of you guys ever been to Vieques?! It's an island off of Puerto Rico that I never even knew existed until very recently... Zach and I went there a couple weeks ago and stayed at the W Hotel, and it was such a magical experience! If you've ever stayed at a W before, then you know how detail oriented this hotel is. From the stunning landscapes, breath taking decor, delicious + healthy food, and even the amazing toiletries ((all bliss products— my fav!!)), the W knows exactly what to do to ensure that you'll have a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Our stay at the W Vieques was all of this plus more because Vieques itself is so exotic and remote! As much as I love Puerto Rico, our experience while staying in San Juan or even in Humacao doesn't compare to our off the grid experience we had in Vieques. I cannot recommend it more highly if you're looking for a getaway that feels like you're somewhere far away such as Southeast Asia, but in reality you only have a few days to travel so a day long flight is out of the picture. ((Check out our video on Vieques as well as our blog post with even more details here!))

We shot so many awesome photos in Vieques because the background was to die for, but I couldn't wait to share these photos in particular with you guys! First of all, THIS DRESS. This is another dress I fit for Whit ((did you see the white linen dress I fit as well?)). The brushed silk fabric in emerald is so unique in itself and in a silhouette as gorgeous as this one, it is truly a masterpiece! This is one of those dresses worth the investment because it's not going out of style anytime soon ((or ever?!)) and is such amazing quality that will last. It's great as a stand out piece to wear on vacation as I have done, but could also be perfect to wear to a wedding or any special occasion for that matter! My favorite part about this dress is the back ((as usual!)) because you guys know how I feel about a good open back... especially on flowy dresses! :)

Okay enough rambling and I'll let these sunset pics do the talking!! I hope you guys enjoy them and let me know if you end up getting this dress-- or traveling to Vieques!!

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose