White Linen

Nothing says summer quite like white linen... It's the perfect light-weight fabric that's timeless and so easy to wear! As you guys already know, I work as a fit model. ((AKA a human mannequin that tries on clothes for designers as they are tweaking their designs before the production process begins.)) One of my fit clients is WHIT NY. She is an amazing designer that I have worked with for almost 3 years now, and she makes such carefree and gorgeous apparel for women. I feel like she does dresses the best-- and this one in particular is one of my absolute favs. ((I will be posting another fav soon that is completely different than this one so stay tuned!))

I am always a sucker for white linen. It reminds me of the beach and has some kind of magical power-- as soon as I put it on, I immediately feel like I'm on vacation, haha! I couldn't have imagined a better dress to wear in Puerto Rico as Zach and I were exploring around Old San Juan just a couple weeks ago! There are so many details about this dress that I love-- It's a tiered dress with front pleating, a deep V, and cute ruffled sleeves. This dress makes a statement while still looking effortless and laid back. It's perfect and went so well with my lace-up espadrilles!

Twirling around in this little number was a no brainer, and basically a requirement while wearing it! Hope you guys enjoy the pics! :) 

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose