Everlane Basics: My Travel Necessities

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Hey guys!!

It’s been a while since our last blog post… but we’ve been traveling so much lately and since arriving back in Bali, we’ve been working on getting our house furnished ((finally)) but it’s finally time to get back to it!! One thing that is super important to me while we are traveling is having the right basics with me. We are always on the go and I always need to have my go-to pieces with me… And I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite Everlane basics with you guys that are the kind of packing essentials that I live off of on our travels!!

Black Bodysuit:

— Bodysuits are the kind of essentials that you don’t realize are so essential until you have one, and then you have no clue how you lived without one! They’re perfect to wear casually with jeans and flats, or add a heel like the Day Heel to dress it up a bit. I also love wearing bodysuits with a skirt and my hair back for a nice look for dinner! Having pieces that are versatile are super important for me on our travels.

White Denim:

—Okay if you know me at all, then you know I am a denim kind of gal— always have been and always will be. I always own way more pairs of jeans than are necessary (like who needs jeans in Bali?! I def do!) But I am so obsessed with these cheeky straight jeans in bone— the color is so nice, not too white and not too yellowish, the fit is amazing and flattering, and I love the crop and straight leg. Overall these jeans get a 10/10 for me — and I am a hard critic when it comes to jeans after being a fit model for so many years in NYC and my specialty was always denim!

White Tee:

—Probably the most basic of necessities— a white tee— but gosh this one is my go-to time + time again! The boxy fit makes it so comfortable, but it’s not too oversized. The quality of the cotton is so soft and feels soo good on! I love pairing white on white in the summer, and of course this tee looks good with just about anything you pair it with. I love wearing it with a patterned skirt and sneakers as well for a totally different vibe. I’m pretty sure I wear a white tee every time we travel, so it is such an important staple for me!

Day Heel:

—This heel has quickly become one of my favorites because of how insanely comfy it is!! Not to mention, how fashionable as well! I love how it looks with these straight jeans, and it’s such nice way to elevate a look without feeling too fancy. The height of the Day Heel is so nice too.. I never like wearing super high heels and on our travels we do a lot of walking, so they have to be comfortable as well. These are a win/win and I can’t get enough!

Hope you guys enjoyed this recap of some of my favorite basics! Until next time!

Xo- Tara

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